Vulcanic Studioz LLC (VS) was founded and started by Vulcho Bonev in 2012. It existed since 2010 with a DBA as things were starting to unfold! Since the begining, the business has been accumulating and acquiring gear as needed and desired. With professional Audio and Video equipment and musical instruments.

As of today, we have the ability to capture audio with retro technology of the past through Magnetic Tape (Reel to Reel Recorders). From a 24 track with 2" reels, then processed through other analog consoles, effects, processing chains and loops. Concluding into a 1/4" 2 track machine for a final mix down.

Of course, we also have a Avid Pro Tools HD system which can be used in the center of the analog chain for editing, or completely independent in the Digital realm in conjunction with analog gear, of course.

We also work in the field of Video and Post. Capturing live events/performances, business seminars, music videos, voice overs, jingles and green screen projects.

Vulcanic Studioz has a abundant amount of gear, instruments and synthesis. With a couple handfuls of analog synthesizers/keyboards to choose. We are proud to declare that, by containing a plentiful amount of euro rack synth modules, separates us as one of the only studios in Southern California that offer where you can get hands on with these types of devices.

Also, we have incorporated a internship/apprentice program for students here @ VS.  They are able to get hands on experience with professional equipment and get real life experience with current active projects. Enabling them with not only instruction but content to construct a product. There really is no better way to gain knowledge and learning something then by jumping in the field with others with experience and physically getting hands on with devices.  

We are constantly growing in every aspect here and have high desires for the future of the studio. With "Vulcanic Studioz Entertainment" being established, as our own record label... "You can say we will have our hands full ! But, I look forward to bringing you the most inspirational and uniquely different eclectic musical styles, projects, flavors, brands, sounds, ideas and authenticity of diverse genres out of Southern California." 

The lava of our inspiration will continue aspiring to expand, acquiring equipment, and collaborating with engineers, producers, artists, studios, tv and film.  Nothing will stop us from exploding to keep growing, learning , creating and experimenting with the science and exploration of sound waves.

-Vulcho Bonev